Diving Into the Living Waters

“To lose myself in the dance so much so that love will

entangle my bones in its roots,

that when pain sears my heart,

courage will embrace the ashes and

wisdom will understand that its all part of the dance.

This is mine for the taking. I pray my hands will

grasp it, my heart will open to it,

and I will know that I am the dance.” -Terri St. Cloud

*Below is a poem I wrote about the lessons I have come to know through my own pain. I hope you will find the time to be still with any pain which may rise up within you.*

An inner journey


It is a special kind of teacher;

The kind that washes away images of perfection, humbling our expectations

Working within us without the need for our consent

Allowing our deepest wounds to be heard

Wounds we maybe didn’t even know were there.

Naturally, we try to wish away our sadness through outside distractions

Those temporary fulfillments which spike our happiness for only a short while

But when the high of the moment diminishes,

We are left simply alone again.


How desperately ourselves need to be alone

So that pain may rise up inside our hearts and rupture within our chests;

How much we need to feel, to cry, to burst open the gates of our hearts

Revealing the true identity of our flawed selves and

Allowing God to see our wounds.

It is here

In this unmasking of our true, vulnerable selves when

Clarity takes its place within our hearts and

We allow our selves to be transformed by our pain.

I see your pain in mine, how we are all

Fragile, yet strong parts to this whole of creation

My brothers and my sisters, I offer you (just as I offer myself)

Forgiveness, compassion, and most importantly

I offer you my


*You are not alone and are never alone in your pain. We all have our wounds. Please offer yourself forgiveness. I love you.*

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