Dancing Spirit

*This past Sunday, the ABQ YAVs graciously joined Second Presbyterian for church service, where we spoke of times we have seen, felt, or experienced clarity and transformation in our lives. Below is the story I wrote and shared.*

If you pause for a moment and listen, will you be able to hear the song that keeps you dancing? This melody interweaves through everyone you meet, every place you visit, and pulsates harmoniously with every lesson, or chance for growth, you experience. As life continues, so does the dance. And as you twist, and turn, and possibly change direction, so does your spirit move to the vibrations that is your song.

I have heard this crisp, vibrant melody with such clarity in my heart, during both moments of joy and, conversely, moments of suffering.

Laying on the earth and snuggled warmly in a sleeping bag, I feel my spirit rising to the song being rejoiced in the night sky. Filled with luminous stars which erase darkness, my spirit joins them in their glistening dance. My breath is taken away, as the stars teach of letting go of limited perceptions, and rather to simply embrace each moment of breath I am given to be in this dance. How minuscule, yet how grandly connected we are to all of existence. My song grew into a fortissimo, with choirs of angels creating the most stunning sounds. This night, my spirit forever transformed.

Along with great joy, there too lies great sorrow within the melodies of my dancing spirit.

Watching as a man hangs up the phone with his mother, I notice as suffering encircles him. “I caused my mom a lot of pain this year,”  he says, “She was crying the whole time I was talking to her.” This man, whom I have met briefly from his visits to the food pantry, is beginning to break down emotionally in the church lobby, due to his life experiences which I cannot even begin to fathom if I gave my greatest efforts. As his voice quivers with the tears now trickling down his face, he attempts to shallowly explain his situation in ways my blinded privilege may be able to understand. In this space, the realization that there is no quick fix, nothing I can do to mend his broken heart, sinks deeply into my being. As he begins to gather his things to leave, I stand empty-handed, with nothing else to give but my presence. It is here, in these feelings of helplessness, where I recognize the true meaning of our shared humanity. We are bound together in this dance, for if you suffer, I, too, shall suffer. As our song shifts to a minor key and the tempo begins to slow, listening to each other’s songs becomes even more crucial to our continuation of the dance. With tension and sorrow filling my heart, the greatest lesson from this suffering is to remember that we are still dancing together and we will never stop dancing. 

This is the song of God’s Divine Essence; as we move along to the dance of life. I invite you now to be still and listen. Listen to the reason you keep dancing.

Listen to your song.


*After service, the YAVs and I travelled to White Sands National Monument, and experienced even more clarity and transformation amidst this place which felt like a dream!*



Among other exciting news…. I was officially accepted into Teach For America! (Please personally message me for further information regarding this next monumental journey in my life).

Please visit the blogs of other Young Adult Volunteers in Albuquerque, NM, whom I am spending this year with! Their blogs may be found by clicking on the following url: https://www.abqyav.com


‘Mitakuye Oyasin’

“That seems to me an easy thing for us to say
I think we can say that and mean it
And I think those are really great words and feelings and intentions
Because they all have to do with what nature wants
And what spirit wants to happen through us, you know
We’re articulating
And being present and showing up for that next step, you know
Thank you, we are grateful, we are gathered to be able to receive a greater wisdom
So that we might be able to help all living things
I mean, that’s a prayer” – Nahko and Medicine for the People

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