‘The Dance’

She looks up to the stars

and with their glistening excitement

Her heart trails with the wind

to meet the stars in their Dance.

Laying with the soft blanket of grass

Her toes find solace in its firm embrace.

Here, lies the gentle reminder of Her roots

and the footsteps laid down by Her ancestors.

Slowly, and without warning,

the energies of the wind, sky, and earth begin to entwine,

circling Her entire being;

Love awakens from inside of Her.

Like a candle lit from a single burning flame

Her fiery passion to become one with the Dance

propels Her into full existence.

This is where She belongs;

immersed in the Dance.


‘If only everyone knew’ She thought

‘that their dances are wholly and perfect too.

Even when the air grows thin

and lungs begin to quiver

Even if stars lose their glisten

and waves of doubt form a cold shiver;

Even in the desert terrain

bare naked in its trance,

God waits shyly still

for one moment

to offer them a hand

in Her Dance.’


I begin this poem with strong references to the life giving forces of nature and, when connected to this kind of cyclical existence, one will become tuned in to the ‘dance’. I use the term ‘dance’ to refer to the flow of life which is constantly moving and unpredictable, yet completely predictable at the same time. In the second part of the poem, I incorporated how people often become stuck and muddied in their own minds, therefore believing themselves unworthy of the ‘dance’ due to their own past transgressions. What people must realize, however, is that God is always ever so present within, full of Love and acceptance, waiting for the moment when you will allow Her to dance with you again.




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